28 December 2018

Choose to Shine for Colour Blast

Hello there.  Today I'm sharing a super easy journal page with you.

I started with a bit of Colour Blast Heavy White Gesso on page.  I've added a die cut to this and dried.

I've then added some water to the page around the die cut.  To this I have added some Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock and Paris

 Moving it around with a paintbrush, I added extra water where needed.

I let some of the water spread on the edges of the page and dried.
Some Colour Paste in Snow White has been rubbed on the leaves of the roses to add some extra shimmer.

The title on my page was a bit thick so I have cut this in half to remove the bulk.  To this I rubbed some Colour Paste Charcoal with my finger.
Some gold splatters have been added with the Colour Shimmer Brush Marker Gold.

I've used that Gold Shimmer pen to also colour a butterfly embellishment.  This has been added to the page with some white and gold cotton.  To finish off I watered down a little Colour Heavy Black Gesso and added a border to the page with the edge of an old card.

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14 December 2018

Limited Edition for Colour Blast

Hi there. So happy you're joining me today for some Colour Blast love.

My page started with a little Colour Shimmer Dust in Midnight.  I've mixed this in with a bit of water and washed it across my page.  I also did a few splatters with the leftover mix.

Once this has dried I've taken some circle templates (bottle lids) and used these to stamp with some Black Heavy Gesso and White Heavy Gesso.

I have mixed water and Colour Shimmer Dust Paris and water coloured this onto the parts of the circles that are on the white card stock.

The circles on the midnight background have then been coloured with the Paris mix.  I let each one sit for a while and then using some paper towel, lifted the remaining colour. 

This has left a nice shimmery dark teal shade on the background.

You have to keep using clean sections of paper towel.  Otherwise you just end up transferring the colour instead of lifting it.

I've then used some paste with Colour Blast Stencil, That Way by Michelle Grant.

Popped on some messy journaling.

Added some cotton, gems and a title.

Hope you've been inspired.

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30 November 2018

Sisters, for Colour Blast

Hello everyone am back again with another layout to share.

For my page I started by mixing some Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock with some modelling paste.

I've used an old plastic card to scrape this though a stencil.  Just underneath the pattern I have made some lines of coloured paste with the edge of the same card and sat this aside to dry.

I have made a few mini tags by mixing some Colour Shimmer Dust in Paris with water and using this to paint a piece of manilla card.
The card has then been cut into 5 small tags, a hole punched and some twine added.

The chipboard heart that is in the centre of my page has been heat embossed with Colour Embossing Powder Bling. Again, like always, 3 layers of embossing powder to get a nice even coating.

I have used a Colour Gold Shimmer Brush Marker to make some gold splats on my layout.

Finished off with a few white flowers.

Hope you've been inspired.

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16 November 2018

Canvas for Colour Blast

Hi there, today I'm sharing something a little different for me.  
I've made a canvas with lots of Colour Blast goodness.

I started out with a  12 x 24 canvas and some old pieces of patterned paper from my stash.  The paper has been cut in to small, different sized pieces and adhered to the canvas with Matte Medium.

Once dry, I've added a layer of Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock that I've mixed with an acrylic paint base.  Once dry I used a wet wipe to lighten some of this.

My next step was to start painting layers on the canvas.  I have used the same Peacock acrylic mix and a mix of Colour Shimmer Dust Paris  and acrylic solution.  I've also used some white paint.  Using a paint brush and my fingers I layered the paint util I was happy with it.

Once the canvas was dry, I mixed some Heavy Black Gesso with some
Glazing liquid.  This extends the drying time of the gesso.
I've coated a layer of this mix over the whole canvas, left for a few minutes then used lots and lots of baby wipes to wipe this off.  The gesso is then left in the grooves on the canvas from the little bits of paper stuck on at the start.
You can see this in the last photo, sorry it's super blurry.

I've then used a stencil and Black Heavy Gesso to add a light layer of contrast across the canvas.  On top of this I have used some modelling paste through a stencil.  Don't forget to include the sides of your canvas.

I felt like I needed a little more darkness in my piece.  I mixed a some water with Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock and also a little Midnight.  This made a super gorgeous dark teal colour.  I used a brush to make puddles and runs of this down the canvas.
Once all dry I have added some Colour Paste Bling to my canvas.  I used a small amount on the end of a finger to rub this on.

Hope you've been inspired.

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02 November 2018

You, for Colour Blast

Hi Colour Blast fans, today's share features one of my fur babies and lots of Colour Blast goodness.

I've started out with my normal, a piece of white card stock and swiped a few nice, thick few lines of Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso right across the middle of the page.  I have just used the end of an old rewards card for this.  It fits in the jar perfectly.

While this was drying, which doesn't take too long, I mixed some water with a little Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock.  
With a thick brush I've then swiped this along the top and bottom edge of the almost dry gesso.

When my Shimmer Dust arrived in the mail I was so excited and just had to have a quick play.  
I did a couple of quick swatches on a scrap of paper.
I got Peacock, Paris and Midnight.
They are so pretty and shimmery that I didn't want to waste any of it.

I used the swatches to make my embellishments for the page.
I stamped a few flowers and heat embossed these.  Once fussy cut I've used a black marker to draw around the edges the flowers.  This hides any imperfections in your cutting and if you use a thick marker, it can also add a little shadow and dimension to your fussy cutting.

Before assembling my layout I did a little messy journaling and spattered some more Peacock Shimmer Dust mixed with water.

A little gold thread and a few jewels to finish it off.

Hope you've been inspired.

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19 October 2018

Your Smile for Colour Blast

Hi everyone, today my share features Colour Paste and hand made embellishments.

My first step was to layer some Colour Paste in Rose Petal and Bling onto a couple of scrap pieces of white card stock.  This was done with an old rewards card. 
I then sat these aside and came back to my project a couple of hours later.  Because I was die cutting with it, I wanted to make sure it was totally dry.

I've die cut my title and some flowers from the page with Rose Petal Colour Paste and some roses from the Bling.

When I cut these out I used a piece of quick release die cutting paper between the die and my card with the Colour Paste on it.  
This helps to remove it from the die once cut.

I did a little stamping on my page, one lot where my photo stack was going to be and the other, a smaller lot on the opposite side for some balance.

I used some Colour Paste in Rose Petal mixed with a little water to make some splatters on the page.
This helps to tie my 2 clusters together and add a little more visual dimension to the layout.

All the pieces have been assembled with a little glue and some foam for dimension.

The page is now finished and is full of hand made embellishments, making a super inexpensive page from a couple of pots of Colour Paste that can be used again and again.

Hope you've been inspired.

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