21 November 2009

I can't believe it's nearly a month

since Ive posted anything here.

I have finally got my internet back to normal but haven't had any desire to be near my computer at all...just needing a bit of a rest from it.

I discovered a new love. Once I'd had enough of waiting for my internet to be fixed and declared my computer a no go zone, I rediscovered reading. So much reading that my husband bought me a Kindle (an electronic book reader). Since I started reading again, I've been more relaxed than I can remember being in so long.... I love love love my Kindle :)

We got a new car a couple of weeks ago. Had talked about it for a couple of months now and my little thing was getting a bit old. We got a Mazda 3 and it's so nice - very happy with our choice.

The past couple of weeks I've had some of my cards accepted for publishing, which is exciting, i had never thought about subbing cards before. Glad i did now :)

This page I've done for this month design team project for Daisy & Dandelion. The theme is christmas but I wanted to avoid making a card which seemed like the obvious item to make.

The photo is Jord...I should say Jordy cause that's what he's insisting everyone call him lately.

I also had a much around trying to make some simply table decorations. When I say simple I was trying to think of things that took less than 5 minutes to make cause this time of year can be so hectic.
I made some little windmills and made some napkin rings. The can also be used to hold christmas crackers and were so quick to make. I've used Glitz glue glitter and Daisy & Dandelion stickers for these. I stuck the sticers onto white card to make them stonger and then cut them out. The windmills can also be glued to straws for chrissy drinks. I also made some name place cards and place mats which I will get some pics of and post this week.

25 October 2009


So my internet is driving me insane. We were supposed to be ported over to our new provider on the 9th Oct, but are still waiting!!!

First I will say sorry that I haven't visited any blogs lately and left comments for all the gorgeous work I usually see. I just can't stand to be on my computer at the moment. It really is taking me at least 10 minutes to open one page.

I have some photos of this months Daisy and Dandelion project. I've made a Halloween card and done a little bouncy pop out thing in the middle. The instructions are here if you want to have a try.

11 October 2009

Not just for halloween.

Today I finished my first project for the Daisy & Dandelion blog. I will post pics once it's ok to do so.
I had a lot of fun doing this and was actually quite dreading it. Halloweens not something I've ever been into and here in Australia there's not too many others that are either.
I will say I used a little Vampire on it...I couldn't help myself. I bought the Twilight book last week and couldn't put it down. I hired the movie yesterday and I have to say that I wasn't as impressed with that as the book - although I did have to watch it again today :)
So Friday I was straight off to the bookshop again to purchase the 2nd one. I did ban myself from touching it this weekend though, because I've completely neglected everything else I should have been doing the past week.
I couldn't help myself , and at 11.30 last night I started it. I did make myself put it down at about 1.30am but I could have stayed in bed reading all night.

I've also put this page together using some of the Halloween products that Erica sent me but the layout is not based on Halloween.

The photo is of Jordy, taken in Adelaide a few years ago. I've wanted to scrap this for ages but just couldn't find the right papers to put with it. As soon as I got Ericas parcel I know the papers were perfect for this pic.

I've used the Daisy & Dandelion, Pumpkin & Aubergine trick or treat paper pad, a cute Aubergine die cut and a journal spot from the Little Book of Mischief, in the same range and a piece of Papermania couture ribbon.

So this is my page...Tiger? or Pussy Cat?
I've also been losing track of all my blogging and missing Facebook the last couple of weeks.
We are still in the process of changing internet providers and still on dial up. Our ADSL2 was supposed to be ready to go by friday, but not luck...I will catch up eventually. It's just so frustrating to have to wait 5 to 10 minutes every time I need a page to load.

04 October 2009

I've very excicited......

I found out last week that I'd been accepted for the Daisy & Dandelion design team :) yay!!!

I can't wait to get started. They are the cutest little characters and you can get some of these instore here.
This is my finalist entry and you can find the instructions here :)

29 September 2009

So I bought these digital frames

about 12 months ago. The intention at the time was to somehow incorporate them into so scrapbook pages. Not full on digital just a bit of a go at hybrid.

Last week my husband went to Harvey Norman for me to get some ink and came home with an A3 printer. Way cool!!! So on Sunday I printed out one of the frames and did this page of my sister. It's of her graduation from Law, which must have been 2 years ago now, and I've wanted to do a page for her for ages.

Love the frame and the flowers...not totally sold on the page tho. I've never really been able to get into the circle thing on pages...my OCD and straight lines playing with my head :)

24 September 2009

Cause I had the urge

That's why I made this card. Was so tired last night but just needed to get in my little room for a bit. I had this image that I'd coloured the other week so it was only a quick 15 minute throw together card but am happy with how it turned out. I also had a new cuttlebug folder that I was busting to play with.

20 September 2009

I can't believe it

...the weekend is almost over. It's just flown.

I can't show yet what I've been working on this weekend so I thought I'd pop this little popcorn bear card that I made last weekend here...bit of a simple one.

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday.

13 September 2009

I remembered how to scrap!!

Again, it's been ages since I did a layout.

It started with having to put one together for a class for this years Crop 4 a Cause day held by Chandon Craft....must have caught the bug again, cause I did 3 pages. 3 pages!!!! I can't even manage to get that many done at an all day crop :)

This first one I did start weeks ago and kept pulling it out and fluffing around with it. Bit the bullet today and stuck everything down. Used gorgeous Webster Pages.

I love this page. I so love all the papers that I've used and am way too in love with all the gorgeous prima flowers around at the moment. Again this is Websters Pages and I've added it to an October Afternoon page and also a Pink Paislee paper, pulled out the distress inks and got my fingers dirty. The little word highlighted in green says 'ever'.

I can definately see that my style is changing again. Keeps things interesting :)

10 September 2009

I got so excited...

when I got to work last week and was given some Hanglar Stanglar stamps to borrow.

I know that I'm easily excitable but those from the stamping world will know how hard these little cuties are to get your hands on. They are only sold in the little country they are made in :)

I got them from Vickii (and no, that's not a typo, she's very unique) who has just started a blog. Bout time, cause I have nagged her a little about it.

06 September 2009

Have u had a good weekend?

I have had a 3 day weekend and loved every minute of it. Full of shopping, sleeping and heaps of craft.

Topped off tonight with lasagna for dinner. I bought a pasta machine a couple of months ago. I christened it 2 weeks ago and made fettuccine. I hadn't realised how much trouble I would have with the dough but the taste was so worth it.

I decided today I would pull it out of the dark corner of the cupboard I'd shoved it in, to make my lasagna sheets. I think I've mastered it! In about a third of the time and a quarter of the mess than the first attempt, I made enough sheets for tonights dinner and had enough left over to make fettuccine for tomorrow night. Mmm, and it tasted really nice too.

So I've finally come to the realisation that I'm addicted to stamping. I can't stop colouring. I have so many gorgeous stamps now that I'm having trouble keeping up with them all.

These next 3 are all popcorn bear ones and I've done them as a gatefold card - another new fave thing of mine and really easy to make.

and look what I won this week from Kellies blog for the sketch challenge that she had running. Go and have a look at her gorgeous work, check out the Tilda cupcake she's made. Very special :)

I've got heaps more to show from this weekend but am sick of sitting here waiting for my net to upload everything. Will post again during the week.

02 September 2009

Do Crafts are now available

from Chandon Craft. I got this gorgeous little Daisy and Dandelion stamp free with a copy of the Do Crafts magazine.

I've made a gift card holder for christmas with it. Very easy and the slide out card was made with the cricut machine.

30 August 2009

What a great weekend!!

Started out on Friday night with a bit of physio. She proded and inflicted a pile of pain on my neck, but no matter how much she hurts it feels so nice....that and the painkillers and the bottle of wine that washes it all down :)

Saturday morning saw the normal trip to the supermarket. I hate this with a passion but managed to grab what was needed in about 30 minutes plus another 5 minutes at the butchers.

Saturday afternoon and I got a visit from my Dad and his wife. I haven't seen him since March and it was so nice.

I spent last night in my room stamping and colouring. Last week we took a trip to Ikea and bought one of the cube shelf thingys, it's huge and my craft room has had a major reshuffle and is now so organised. I got a new table for the room and Gary bought my a nice new chair...green, my fave colour. So wish I could paint the room and get rid of the awful purple but after my attempt at painting Jords room the other week I don't think I'll be allowed near a paint brush again. Ever!!!
So here's one of the projects I got done this weekend. I pulled out the cricut for this bag and the stamp is a Tina Wenke stamp by Stampavie.

and today I watched Nanny McFee and I loved it. What a fun movie!!!

26 August 2009

Make something for Dad......

and use brown and metal too!!!!

That was the criteria in the first challenge at Becs new challenge blog, Creatalicious. I had been hoping this little guy would arrive in time but didn't think he would. Under a week from the UK!!!

****Spoiler Warning to Dad****
If your reading this don't look any further :)

I was lucky enough to have today off work and the postie brought me a lovely surprise..some of these cute teddies called Popcorn. Isn't he adorable? I got a pile of these guys from here and couldn't be happier with them. So much so that I was online as soon as I opened my parcel to order more :)

and a little peek of the inside which says 'happy fathers day'.

24 August 2009

One sketch, four cards

I've got these cute stamping bella stamps that I had a play with on Saturday night. Sunday morning doing a little blog hopping I came across this sketch on Kellie Winnells blog. It's a cute sketch and would be really quite easy to put together heaps of cards with this one, so the 4 images I coloured on Saturday night have been turned into this.

I love the stamps and a big lot of some of the stamps are solid and don't need colouring, like the black hair and dress. I have used my brand new Stampin Up ink pad and it looks shocking. It's really blotchy and no matter how many times I inked them up it was the same. I had the same problem when I used this ink on some other stamps I tried. I really want to get some black Momento (i think that's the name) ink, if anyone knows where I can get this can you let me know please :)