30 October 2008

heidi swapp has boy paper

This is the first page ive scrapped in ages. its a pretty simple page but i had to use some of this paper as soon as i got it home. Love the clear plastice stickers on here, they're by colorbok and are pretty cool. ive done them 3d on this page, cant tell in the pic tho.
I think I've finished my btp for the kaisercraft scrapoff. its due on saturday so will fiddle with it a bit more tomorrow and fingers crossed that i get it done.

19 October 2008

kaisercraft frames

these 3 frames i did at the lh4l scrap day last weekend. i will be putting pics of the 3 kids in them...when i remember to get that done.

18 October 2008

Woo Hoo!!!! I got my kit today. I decided Thursday night that i definitely wanted to do this and then started thinking that I might miss out. Registration started today and it is for the first 100 only. I set my alarm for 6am, dragged myself out of bed by 7 and then left. Didn't dry my hair and only had a couple of mouth fulls of my coffee but was worried that there would already be a line up at kaiser. So wanted to stop at maccas for a coffee to go but thought the 2 minutes it takes me to do this may be the difference between me getting in or not. Pulled up at kaiser by 8am...... no one else there. Checked my form, yes, rego is today. There was another car there and I later found out it was Carmel (who i met at crop 4 a cause and the lh4l day), but she had the sense to go and get a coffee while she waited for the shop to open. I stayed in my car at first listening to nova re runs of huesy and kate and after 10 minutes started worrying what if all of a sudden 100 women run past me and beat me in the door. So at 8.10am i stood firmly in my place (all alone) at kaisers shop door, at least i took a book to read.
I got my kit and found out that they're not all the same. I am so loving what I got. The paper is next months release and its gorgeous, I'm sure this is quickly going to become one of my favourite ranges from them......how exciting.

17 October 2008

i love my new background

i changed the html a couple of weeks ago to give me 3 columns on my blog. have now decided that its too busy but cant get my brain functioning enough atm to change it back. i did save the original code but of course its now working...who know what i did. i do like my new background though.

14 October 2008

new look

im still trying to find a background that feels like 'me'. uploaded this tonight and ive been mucking around with it to make a background in photoshop but it doesnt feel right....too tired to fix it atm

13 October 2008

my 1st class

Yesterday ChandonCraft held its crop for leukaemia day. Was such a great day with a awesome bunch of ladies....and my first day teaching. Find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that 15 months ago i didn't even know what a layout is and now I'm teaching others to do them. This pic (excuse the quality its a copy from the chandon blog) is a bit dark but its the lo I designed about 6 months ago for my class. It had to be done so far in advance for the class to be advertised and the scariest part about teaching it was remember what i did.

Raqual has asked me to teach some classes next year and I've learnt a little lesson with this one i designed compared to the others I've made up for next year......measure everything i cut .....don't just do it by eye when it needs to be written up for instructions :)

06 October 2008

isn't he gorgeous

A layout with the new sassafrass lass papers for Chandon Craft

05 October 2008

my best friend

its been a while since ive scrapped a wedding pic and i bought this paper months ago specially for a wedding one. i used pencils and ouderless mineral spirits to colour the paper.
Really poor quality on the photos, sorry, but i wanted to post a pic of the frame i made for one of my brothers and his fiance. i really love this but i didnt upload my pics until after i had wrapped it and given it to them and didn't realise how bad the quality was :)
These next ones are some design team los ive done for Chandon Craft. this is a pretty basic lo, ive used opalette embossing powders and the colours they come in are so pretty. i love all his school pics (despite him cutting chunks out of his hair in the first few) except for his grade 6 one and his long, combed straight 70s hair. grade 5 i coped with the mullett but this year the long hair is feral. hes now got a few black streaks in it and he puts heaps of product in it and has it as messy as possible...feral but cool (apparantely)....

and this is my dt layout using mm falala papers...i love my spellbinders :)