19 June 2010

Last weeks efforts

Here's a couple of pages that I worked on last weekend. More photos of family on the tractor. This first one is of my brothers.
....and this one's of myself and my sisters.
Looking at this page and over the cards I've made the last couple of weeks I have realised that no matter how many flowers (hmmm...and that would be thousands) that I have I more than often seem to use the Prima hydrangeas.

13 June 2010

Happy Long Weekend

...I'm sure that's not something you would normally say, but I don't care. I'm happy it's a long weekend :)

I had a plan of spending it all in my craft room. That idea fizzed out yesterday when I walked in there and realised what a pig sty it was. A few hours of cleaning later and I finally got to sit down and get bizzy.

I still have to clean up my stamps. I used to have them so organised. Folders for different ones. My stamps mounted on ezy mount are stored in CD containers in a disc holder. The prob is now tho that there are so many different types that I don't know how to organise them. My wooden ones are on a shelf, then I have a few different types of storage folders for others and then piles of loose ones I just chuck in a box. I will be after a sentiment or a flourish and then hunt through them all and half the time I end up throwing all of them in a box. They're a mess and not sure what to do with them.

So far this weekend I've done a couple of challenges. I've decided that I must love these images cause I rarely use the same ones twice in a row, sometimes never again. These cuties will def. be getting a bit of a workout.

This first one is for the Burtonesque Dolls challenge. I've been watching this blog for the past few weeks and this one peeked my interest as soon as I saw it. Helps haveing the beautiful Lilith as inspiration too!! With this challenge your design had to be inspired by Sweeny Todd. I got my inspiration from the first pic on the blog and used the colour theme. You also had to use decorative scissors or a distress tool. I used a sanding block on my cardstock.

This next one is for the Lil Lolita Challenge Blog and the theme they have is Anything Goes. How easy!!

08 June 2010

Take two..

that's how I feel with a couple of these cards. Two of the images I had to colour from scratch after cutting them out and this first card has been salvaged and extra flowers added to cover my mistake.

So, it's been 4 weeks since I gave up smoking. Yay me :) but the problem is I don't have an excuse to leave my craft room anymore. I used to pop out and have a coffee with a smoke whenever I needed a nicotine hit. Well since I gave them up I've sort of started taking my coffee into my craft room with me. Big mistake, yeah. A full cup right over the middle of my craft table, over the card I'd spent 2 hours making and over a pile of coloured images.

This first card is of Lilith, she's one of the Lil Lolita stamps from Tickled Pink. This is the card I tried to salvage by covering up with flowers and cutting around the ruined paper. Heaps of people know I'm not a fan of purple but I think it really suits her.

This is Willow, another Lil Lolita stamp. LOL, I just noticed I haven't coloured her eyelids. Whoops, will have to fix that.

....and another one, this time Evie. So cute. Out cats name is Eevee and recently I moved my desk around and right above the hutch is one of the central heating vents - she's moved there. Permanently perched on the top of my desk. The only time I see her moving about now is to go to her food. How cute is this stamp!!!!

The image on this card is Kraftin Kimmie stamp and she's called Perfect Poison. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw her.

Finally this is a digi image from Tiddly Inks. The sentiment says 'not ur average princess'. I saw this saying on a card on a blog I looked at last week but don't know who's it was. Cute but, I will definitely use it again.

So did I learn my lesson. I'd like to say yes, but then last night as I'm at my table making this last card, I couldn't help myself. I had to have coffee.

02 June 2010

Three challenges

Well it was supposed to be 3 but I've just come on to upload and seen that Simon Says Challenge has already finished. My bad...I finished the cards on the weekend and was too lazy to upload Sunday night.
So the Simon Says Challenge was to use pink with green and brown...not a fave colour combo, the pink and brown - nice - but with green!!
Tickled Pink Stamps is a sketch which I've followed and made a gatefold card. I got my first lot of Lil Lolita stamps yesterday and they are even yummier than they look on here.
Oh Alice challenge this week is to use swirls so I just used a cuttlebug folder and stickles for the swirlies :)

Look at this ones poor cheeks!! For some reason in the pic it looks like a couple of white dots have joined together.

Excuse my photography, awful to take pics of a night.

Enjoy the rest of the week.