19 June 2010

Last weeks efforts

Here's a couple of pages that I worked on last weekend. More photos of family on the tractor. This first one is of my brothers.
....and this one's of myself and my sisters.
Looking at this page and over the cards I've made the last couple of weeks I have realised that no matter how many flowers (hmmm...and that would be thousands) that I have I more than often seem to use the Prima hydrangeas.


Honor said...

Hi Ros,
These pages are gorgeous ... I love you work !!
I've given you a couple of blog awards that I received recently. You can check them out on my blog, and pass them on as you please.
Take care,
Honor xo

Melissa said...

Hi gorgeous...I have just come out of my cave and blogged too, so have been visiting ....I must say you haven't lost your touch.So good to see some scrappy LO's on your blog Honey.xxoo