28 September 2008

one more sleep..

and the weekends over. What!!! where do they go?
this morning i made a couple of acetate cards, havent made any for a while and then this afternoon i made christmas cards. 16 of them. have just stopped cause ive had enough for the day. at work we have a community thing that we do each year and this year my office is making christmas cards and selling them. we tried it with fathers day and only put the cards up 2 weeks before and raised $50- so now we're doing chrissy ones. We've had them out for a couple of weeks now and even tho its still early there's been a few selling. So far ive only made a few so i thought i better start trying to catch up :)

25 September 2008

my beautiful niece

My gorgeous niece was 18 the other day. I made this frame for her with one of my favourite photos of her. just used flowers and ribbon and bling and also stamped on accetate for the butterflies and the bird. Very similar to a layout I'm doing at this years lend a hand 4 leukemea crop.

21 September 2008

Melissa Kennedy loves my blog :)

She gave me an i love ur blog award, how cool. I didnt really get seriously into this craft until around jan/feb this year. After i was asked to design some layouts for Chandon Craft i started to accept my scrapping as being 'OK'. I'd bought SMs masters mag and had seen Melissas work in it but didn't realise at first she was a local, she worked at Kaiser or what a gorgeous person she is.
Yesterday I was a newbie at the Crop for a Cause days that she organises and I had the most relaxing and enjoyable day I've had in a long time. It was also obvious that a huge amount of work goes into setting these days up. I sat with the best company I could ask for, the views were amazing and the atmosphere full of laughter. She runs these days every 3 months and I am going to be a regular.

The rules for the award are - (1) The winner can put the logo on their blog. (2) Link the person you received your award from. (3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (4) Put links of those on yours. (5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.
Melissa Cook, I know Mel only through an online site when i first started scrapping and she is the most genuine, caring person. Her scrapping is awsome.
The next two i only met a few months ago but they are great fun and they scrap heaps, loved looking at their work yesterday, very cool. Nicole and Sharni.
My next one is the Crop 4 a cause blog because i want everyone to check this out. Look at the older posts. The photos show what a great day this is and the stories touch us.

09 September 2008

Master in my own mind :)

Long entry, lots of pics of my masters entry. Unfortunately no call for me. Debbie from Chandon also entered and didn't get a call, have a look at her blog, http://livewelllaughoftenlovemuchleavememory.blogspot.com/

and like I said, haven't they missed out this year not picking the 2 of us :)

this is my single page which u had to think beyond the square

This is my double page about my hopes and dreams.

My keepsake was a timber lamp that i stripped the stain from and painted. Ive used a heat resistent transparancy to print my photos on.

My calendar was done in my favourite paper of ever, Kaiser sublime. This thing took me at least 60 hours to make.

Phew!!!!!.....there are more pics , lots more :) , but i think this gives u an ok idea.

07 September 2008

....thanks so much

another card. this one is my acceptance card to my brothers engagement
party. i have embossed on the vellum! didnt think u could til i watched a you tube vid. u just have to be careful if doesnt get too hot. i used a autumn leaves stamp for the stem (its supposed to be a vine for a monkey i think), prima flowers (how many addictions can one girl have) and another cute hero arts stamp (hmm, another one)....i think i need counselling.

06 September 2008

i like it ...sort of

as much as i love green and black, its a bit harsh on my eyes, so its boring old stark white now. does anyone know how i can get my sideshow to play in the side bar cause it just wont work.

this bird is so cute, isn't he!!!!!

02 September 2008

i love this frame

Here's a pic of the kaisercraft frame that I did for http://www.chandoncraft.com.au/ . I covered this with basic grey ambrosia papers. I love them, so vibrant. The photos were taken on my sisters 30th birthday, that's her (Gumby) and my nephew.

click on it for a better look :)