09 September 2008

Master in my own mind :)

Long entry, lots of pics of my masters entry. Unfortunately no call for me. Debbie from Chandon also entered and didn't get a call, have a look at her blog, http://livewelllaughoftenlovemuchleavememory.blogspot.com/

and like I said, haven't they missed out this year not picking the 2 of us :)

this is my single page which u had to think beyond the square

This is my double page about my hopes and dreams.

My keepsake was a timber lamp that i stripped the stain from and painted. Ive used a heat resistent transparancy to print my photos on.

My calendar was done in my favourite paper of ever, Kaiser sublime. This thing took me at least 60 hours to make.

Phew!!!!!.....there are more pics , lots more :) , but i think this gives u an ok idea.


Melissa said...

OMG Ros, they are mad not to have chosen you.All your creations are just so stunning and I can see in each and every piece how much time and love and work you put in.I honestly cannot understand how you weren't chosen.You know , you always inspired me before, but now....holy moly.....your work has really evolved.Just beautiful and thank you so much for sharing.

Bastelfrosch said...

This is wonderful!

Tammy James said...

OMGoodness Ros!!!
Look at the absolute love in the detail of each and every item! You Rock! The detail in that subtle layering is just divine.
We all have our 'own' personal masters lists, my masters are certainly not dictated by a magazine. Good on you for putting in that effort and having a go You are a master in my mind sweet!

Nic said...

These are fantastic. Well done. Like I said to said to deb ven though you didn't make the top 50 we are proud of you. They don't know what they are missing.

peachy said...

Ros, they are amazing, so much detail, i cant believe they didnt choose you, your work is awesome and you should feel really proud of yourself x x

Anthea said...

I am truly sorry they didn't choose you and your beautiful work, it must have taken hours; first to design and then to create. Honestly, take pride in your beautiful pieces and keep up the lovely work!

Debbie said...

SMB have no idea what talent they have turned away... You are one talented lady Ros. The double page you did was MAGNIFICENT!!!!! The detail and layering is amazing... I am sooooo annoyed that they didnt pick you.... Those blisters would have been all worth it eh!!! :)

Chris Millar said...

Well, I don't know what SM were thinking not giving you a call back Ros as your whole entry ROCKS! You can see how much time and effort you've put into each piece and you should be so proud of your amazing work!

Jewls said...

Ros I can't believe you didn't get chosen!!!! They must be cotton pickin mad.
I love all these projects but the calendar is just so WOW!!!
Fantastic effort that you can be very proud off :)