28 September 2008

one more sleep..

and the weekends over. What!!! where do they go?
this morning i made a couple of acetate cards, havent made any for a while and then this afternoon i made christmas cards. 16 of them. have just stopped cause ive had enough for the day. at work we have a community thing that we do each year and this year my office is making christmas cards and selling them. we tried it with fathers day and only put the cards up 2 weeks before and raised $50- so now we're doing chrissy ones. We've had them out for a couple of weeks now and even tho its still early there's been a few selling. So far ive only made a few so i thought i better start trying to catch up :)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That is such a great idea Ros, but I bet it would be hard to make a heap all at once.I know I would get tired and a bit bored.Hope they do really well this year and you raise a lot of money.