21 November 2009

I can't believe it's nearly a month

since Ive posted anything here.

I have finally got my internet back to normal but haven't had any desire to be near my computer at all...just needing a bit of a rest from it.

I discovered a new love. Once I'd had enough of waiting for my internet to be fixed and declared my computer a no go zone, I rediscovered reading. So much reading that my husband bought me a Kindle (an electronic book reader). Since I started reading again, I've been more relaxed than I can remember being in so long.... I love love love my Kindle :)

We got a new car a couple of weeks ago. Had talked about it for a couple of months now and my little thing was getting a bit old. We got a Mazda 3 and it's so nice - very happy with our choice.

The past couple of weeks I've had some of my cards accepted for publishing, which is exciting, i had never thought about subbing cards before. Glad i did now :)

This page I've done for this month design team project for Daisy & Dandelion. The theme is christmas but I wanted to avoid making a card which seemed like the obvious item to make.

The photo is Jord...I should say Jordy cause that's what he's insisting everyone call him lately.

I also had a much around trying to make some simply table decorations. When I say simple I was trying to think of things that took less than 5 minutes to make cause this time of year can be so hectic.
I made some little windmills and made some napkin rings. The can also be used to hold christmas crackers and were so quick to make. I've used Glitz glue glitter and Daisy & Dandelion stickers for these. I stuck the sticers onto white card to make them stonger and then cut them out. The windmills can also be glued to straws for chrissy drinks. I also made some name place cards and place mats which I will get some pics of and post this week.