25 October 2009


So my internet is driving me insane. We were supposed to be ported over to our new provider on the 9th Oct, but are still waiting!!!

First I will say sorry that I haven't visited any blogs lately and left comments for all the gorgeous work I usually see. I just can't stand to be on my computer at the moment. It really is taking me at least 10 minutes to open one page.

I have some photos of this months Daisy and Dandelion project. I've made a Halloween card and done a little bouncy pop out thing in the middle. The instructions are here if you want to have a try.

11 October 2009

Not just for halloween.

Today I finished my first project for the Daisy & Dandelion blog. I will post pics once it's ok to do so.
I had a lot of fun doing this and was actually quite dreading it. Halloweens not something I've ever been into and here in Australia there's not too many others that are either.
I will say I used a little Vampire on it...I couldn't help myself. I bought the Twilight book last week and couldn't put it down. I hired the movie yesterday and I have to say that I wasn't as impressed with that as the book - although I did have to watch it again today :)
So Friday I was straight off to the bookshop again to purchase the 2nd one. I did ban myself from touching it this weekend though, because I've completely neglected everything else I should have been doing the past week.
I couldn't help myself , and at 11.30 last night I started it. I did make myself put it down at about 1.30am but I could have stayed in bed reading all night.

I've also put this page together using some of the Halloween products that Erica sent me but the layout is not based on Halloween.

The photo is of Jordy, taken in Adelaide a few years ago. I've wanted to scrap this for ages but just couldn't find the right papers to put with it. As soon as I got Ericas parcel I know the papers were perfect for this pic.

I've used the Daisy & Dandelion, Pumpkin & Aubergine trick or treat paper pad, a cute Aubergine die cut and a journal spot from the Little Book of Mischief, in the same range and a piece of Papermania couture ribbon.

So this is my page...Tiger? or Pussy Cat?
I've also been losing track of all my blogging and missing Facebook the last couple of weeks.
We are still in the process of changing internet providers and still on dial up. Our ADSL2 was supposed to be ready to go by friday, but not luck...I will catch up eventually. It's just so frustrating to have to wait 5 to 10 minutes every time I need a page to load.

04 October 2009

I've very excicited......

I found out last week that I'd been accepted for the Daisy & Dandelion design team :) yay!!!

I can't wait to get started. They are the cutest little characters and you can get some of these instore here.
This is my finalist entry and you can find the instructions here :)