25 October 2009


So my internet is driving me insane. We were supposed to be ported over to our new provider on the 9th Oct, but are still waiting!!!

First I will say sorry that I haven't visited any blogs lately and left comments for all the gorgeous work I usually see. I just can't stand to be on my computer at the moment. It really is taking me at least 10 minutes to open one page.

I have some photos of this months Daisy and Dandelion project. I've made a Halloween card and done a little bouncy pop out thing in the middle. The instructions are here if you want to have a try.


Debbie said...

I hope you can get your internet sorted soon. Mine was giving me problems recently and there's nothing more frustrating!
Your springy card is very cute!
Debbie x

Tammy James said...

Is bouncy pop out thing the technical term for that ... ; ) lol.
Hope your net gets sorted soon.
T. x

Debbie said...

That card is sooooo cute Ros... Typical service providers eh!!!!
Hope you are back to full speed soon.
Hope you are well

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Really loving your pop up card, its great. Hope your well
Tammy x

Marcia said...

Wowsers, that card is awesome. So much detail to catch your eye.

ISP can be a pain, I've been battling mine for a while, turns out it is a phone line issue and short of moving house, not much I can do!

Take care and hope your back on the net soon.

:) Marcia P