18 October 2008

Woo Hoo!!!! I got my kit today. I decided Thursday night that i definitely wanted to do this and then started thinking that I might miss out. Registration started today and it is for the first 100 only. I set my alarm for 6am, dragged myself out of bed by 7 and then left. Didn't dry my hair and only had a couple of mouth fulls of my coffee but was worried that there would already be a line up at kaiser. So wanted to stop at maccas for a coffee to go but thought the 2 minutes it takes me to do this may be the difference between me getting in or not. Pulled up at kaiser by 8am...... no one else there. Checked my form, yes, rego is today. There was another car there and I later found out it was Carmel (who i met at crop 4 a cause and the lh4l day), but she had the sense to go and get a coffee while she waited for the shop to open. I stayed in my car at first listening to nova re runs of huesy and kate and after 10 minutes started worrying what if all of a sudden 100 women run past me and beat me in the door. So at 8.10am i stood firmly in my place (all alone) at kaisers shop door, at least i took a book to read.
I got my kit and found out that they're not all the same. I am so loving what I got. The paper is next months release and its gorgeous, I'm sure this is quickly going to become one of my favourite ranges from them......how exciting.


Nicole said...

LOl Ros Chez told us you were waiting when she got there. Tracey and I got there at 9am!!! there was no one else there. LOL

Melissa said...

OH Ros, If I lived down there, I would have been standing there with you, cause I think the same way.Gotta get in quick before you miss out.At least you are registered now.LOL I hope you went and got yourself a MACCAS coffee afterwards.
Your blog is looking very spiffy.Love the header

peachy said...

hehehe, Ros that's so funny i called my friend (who works there) at 4.30 pm to see if they still had kits and she said there are still lots, so i went down at 5 pm and got mine.....lol, cant wait to see what everyone does with the kits, and i really like mine as well

Debbie said...

Thats funny Ros... At least you can say you were the first to get your kit :)
All the best for the scrap off. I hope you go far in the comp.