10 September 2009

I got so excited...

when I got to work last week and was given some Hanglar Stanglar stamps to borrow.

I know that I'm easily excitable but those from the stamping world will know how hard these little cuties are to get your hands on. They are only sold in the little country they are made in :)

I got them from Vickii (and no, that's not a typo, she's very unique) who has just started a blog. Bout time, cause I have nagged her a little about it.


Tammy James said...

Oh yes Ros I was lusting after some Hanglar St Anglar early last year and found out one of the Scrap Pile girls has a sister living in said country ... but I didn't buy any ... your cards are gorgeous.

Jewls said...

Totally gorgeous Ros, they are all amazingly beautiful :)

Marcia P said...

Oh wow Ros, these are awesome. How sweet to be able to play with these stamps.

Hope your weekend is going well.

:) Marcia P