06 September 2009

Have u had a good weekend?

I have had a 3 day weekend and loved every minute of it. Full of shopping, sleeping and heaps of craft.

Topped off tonight with lasagna for dinner. I bought a pasta machine a couple of months ago. I christened it 2 weeks ago and made fettuccine. I hadn't realised how much trouble I would have with the dough but the taste was so worth it.

I decided today I would pull it out of the dark corner of the cupboard I'd shoved it in, to make my lasagna sheets. I think I've mastered it! In about a third of the time and a quarter of the mess than the first attempt, I made enough sheets for tonights dinner and had enough left over to make fettuccine for tomorrow night. Mmm, and it tasted really nice too.

So I've finally come to the realisation that I'm addicted to stamping. I can't stop colouring. I have so many gorgeous stamps now that I'm having trouble keeping up with them all.

These next 3 are all popcorn bear ones and I've done them as a gatefold card - another new fave thing of mine and really easy to make.

and look what I won this week from Kellies blog for the sketch challenge that she had running. Go and have a look at her gorgeous work, check out the Tilda cupcake she's made. Very special :)

I've got heaps more to show from this weekend but am sick of sitting here waiting for my net to upload everything. Will post again during the week.


Tammy James said...

Oh Ros your cards are just so inspiring. I consider myself so lucky to have you as a friend.
T. xx

Tammy James said...

Oh and not just because of your inspiring creativity!

Leanne said...

Wow, what a stunning collection of cards, they are so pretty! Your colouring is fab too - I really need to get my head around doing that!

Glad the lasagne was good - I really want to get one of them machine too!

Have a good week.

Jewls said...

Ros, your cards are so divine :)

Elisa said...

What beautiful cards.xx