30 August 2009

What a great weekend!!

Started out on Friday night with a bit of physio. She proded and inflicted a pile of pain on my neck, but no matter how much she hurts it feels so nice....that and the painkillers and the bottle of wine that washes it all down :)

Saturday morning saw the normal trip to the supermarket. I hate this with a passion but managed to grab what was needed in about 30 minutes plus another 5 minutes at the butchers.

Saturday afternoon and I got a visit from my Dad and his wife. I haven't seen him since March and it was so nice.

I spent last night in my room stamping and colouring. Last week we took a trip to Ikea and bought one of the cube shelf thingys, it's huge and my craft room has had a major reshuffle and is now so organised. I got a new table for the room and Gary bought my a nice new chair...green, my fave colour. So wish I could paint the room and get rid of the awful purple but after my attempt at painting Jords room the other week I don't think I'll be allowed near a paint brush again. Ever!!!
So here's one of the projects I got done this weekend. I pulled out the cricut for this bag and the stamp is a Tina Wenke stamp by Stampavie.

and today I watched Nanny McFee and I loved it. What a fun movie!!!


Bec said...

AWWW this is so cute Ros.. I just love this stamp.. Bec xx

Marcia P said...

Wow, I love it. This card is so much fun and that image is a sweetie.

:) Marcia P