09 August 2009

Missing in action....

well that's how I feel I've been.
I made a conscious effort over the past month to stay clear of my craft room and the computer. Except for a few minute here and there on facebook I've managed to neglect all my blog reading and commenting and my craft completely. I was beginning to feel like these things were making me neglect everything else around me. My health and also my family. I've been sick with that stupid cold again and this time got an ear infection with it. All better now...nearly.

And my poor husband was getting a lack of attention because of my hobbies so I've set myself a new rule. I'm only allowed to blog and craft when he's at work or after we've spent some quality time together. He's a shift worker so I will still get time alone to do what I love, and when he's home I will have time to be with who I love.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit healthier and loved being in my little craft haven again.

This page is my gorgeous husband.

I also did this card with my Anya stamp, I got a few of these last month and hadn't had a play yet. I did a tri-fold card which I had wanted to try for ages. Here's a link for the resources section of Splitcoast Stampers, there's so many techniques and patterns there to try.


Tammy James said...

OMGoodness Ros that Card and that Stamp are stunning!!!!!
Good on you for putting family first sweetie.
Hugs for quick recovery too. T. x

Marcia P said...

Great layout and card, the card especially.

Good to see you back blogging, hopefully the time away has given you the chance to enjoy your time crafting, amongst everything else in life.

x Marcia P

Debbie said...

I understand where you are coming from Ros... Our loved ones are the most important things in our lives..We need to have a happy balance of both :) Sorry to hear you have been sick but are on the mend now... take it easy and look after yourself.. Chat soon

Leanne said...

Wow, this is my first time on your blog and your work is amazing!! I am now your follower!!

Thank you for entering my Gorjuss Girls blog candy - good luck!

Al said...

Hey Ros,
It's so great to see you back again. I completely understand where you are coming from. Family does take a back seat at times, and sometimes a reality check is in order. IT's lovely that you want to sit and spend the time with your family. Computers and scrapping can take over one's life.

As for your scrapping - well the break has not done you any harm. Your LO is gorgeous and I love your card. One day I will try one of those myself. I love the cards that the Stampers make - they are all gorgeous.

Thanks too for dropping by my blog. Take care of yourself :)

Chris Millar said...

Hi Ros, yes, it gets like that at time when we get so focused on our craft and things can be falling down around us and we don't notice - good on you for noticing and adjusting the balance!! I have to check myself all the time with it and I'm hoping that our little family holiday to New Zealand at the end of the week is going to help me realise again that I don't need to sit at this computer as often as I do! What a gorgeous layout of your hubby, he's got such a friendly and kind face. Great card making as well!!

craftyb said...

Another fabulous layout Ros...and another stunner of a card...looks like a lot work has gone into creating this! bx

Melissa Kennedy said...

I know how you feel Ros
i think i have been missing in action for a couple of months now - but i know my family certainly don't mind as its lots of family time after dinner instead of me running off. You have to do what you know is right.
HOpe you are feeling better too...

Anonymous said...

the color scheme is very soothing...sam
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