08 January 2009

Spread the love.

A couple of weeks ago Debbie Johnson gave me this blog award and I kept forgetting about it. You are supposed to choose 6 people and spread the love award around. I've only put 4 here cause it doesn't seem that long ago since I did a couple of these.
Sarah, love Sarahs list on the sidebar of her blog with all her scrapping challenges.
Anthea, I know I've put Anthea down here before but her cards are just gorgeous. She's earnt herself a well deserved spot on the basic grey challenge blog and is being published. She's also set herself up an Etsy store.
Mel Cook, if you haven't been to her blog for a while then go an have a peak at some of the way cool stuff she's been up to lately.
Tammy James, sorry if your sick of these things Tammy but I just have to put you here. Your pages are awsome.


Tammy James said...

LOL Ros you know me too well. Of course I appreciate that you pass some love to me, it more the random things tags and things like that I am terrible at and shy away from.
Thank you for the love and I'll try to pass it on when next I either blog or scrap ... both rare occurrences ATM. LOL

Melissa said...

Hi Ros and thank you for your blog award...it has realy come at just the right time after the last week.Your sweet words meanta lot too...just the tonic I needed.Thanks sweetie

How is that Mojo going??