24 January 2009

ink blending tools

Look what my husband has done for me. I found something similar on a blog I was reading last week. Instead of having to spend $12- each time I want another blending tool he bought a piece of timber from Bunnings for $4- and there was enough to cut 23 blocks the same size as my tim holtz ones. I've glued the blending foam to each one and labelled them. On the ranger site they have PDFs of all the ink and paint names and you can just print them from there. I'm not going to put any handles on them cause you don't use the handles anyway. You can see in the picture that I don't have enough foam pads to do them all so if anyone knows where I can buy more please let me know. The blog I saw this on is craftystorage and there's heaps of great storage ideas.


DH said...

They look great, but im bias....always good to help out, especially when saving money

Melissa said...

Awwww, Now you have a very LOVING and THOUGHTFUL Hubby there Ros.They look great too HUBBY...wanna make me some too..LOL
Can't help with the foam though sorry, unless you try a mattress making factory or something of the like

Cassie said...

great idea, and love saving money.

Jennifer said...

Chandon's got the tools with the foam on now, so maybe the pads are heading there soon too.
p.s. gotta love that handy hubby