12 August 2008

my digital slr

my husband bought me an slr camera last year and ive had no idea how to use it expect for point and shoot. ive felt for a while now that although i love the quality of the pics it takes it was a huge expense that i was wasting. for my birthday this year he bought me an 2 day digital slr camera course. how cool.

so i spent last weekend in a freezing cold warehouse doing my course. i came away on saturday feeling like i hadnt really learnt very much but when i got home sunday night and loaded the pics to my pc i can definately tell i learnt something. these are just simple photos taken down by barwon river but its so nice to finally take my camera off automatic and know what im doing.

i'm proud anyway :)

1 comment:

Nic said...

These photos look great might have to get some tips off you! My new little canon power shot is heaps better than my minalta dimage. go figure!!