12 August 2008

i love my cuttlebug

so i got my cuttlebug in october last year and thought i would used it heaps. its just sat on the shelf collecting dust for most of that time and when i did use it i hardly used the dies just the embossing folders which i soon became sick of.
i pulled it out again when i got my nestabilites (which ive ordered more of and cant wait) and the past few weeks have been getting some new embossing folders. i spent nearly everynight last week looking on the net for different ways to use these and i have now fallen in love with my cuttlebug :)
this one is my least favourite but i wanted to used my water coloured pencils which i havent touched in a while.
i love this one, i learnt the technique of embossing only the middle of the card on another site and i forgot to save it to my favourites for future ideas :(
the next 2 are just me experimenting to see what i could do.
and these ones are my favourites so far, i love the simplicity of them.


Tammy James said...

Oh you have been a busy girl Ros! All gorgeous I love the swiss dots!!! I visit a couple of card makers blogs that used both regularly I can give you the links if you like just let me know, I've got an email link on my blog if you want to email me, also wanted to check if I can add you to my blog list sidebar?
Great photos in your next post too. Take care sweetie.
T x

Debbie said...

I love what you have done with the embossing folders. My cuttlebug too sits idle on my desk but now I am inspired to get some embossing folders and get some use out of it...Thanks Ros

Simon said...

What beautiful work! Very inspiring! Love the scallop cut out middle!