10 February 2012

With the left over chipboard....

from the page I made the other day. 

 I was about to throw it into my giveaway pile I'm collecting for my sister but thought I would use it to make some cards.  I wouldn't know the last time I made cards without copics and they were so quick and easy to do.

I hoard everything in  my scrap room in case I will need it another time.  I have so much stuff in there that I will never use that I am slowly making a box or ten to give to one of my sisters.  I've now decided that if I use only half a pack of something like these chippies, if I don't use the rest straight away they can go in the give away box.  So warning to Paulie....make room!!


Honor said...

Great cards ros, good way to use up scraps x

Debbie said...

Such a cute set of cards, love the use of scraps!