12 March 2017

Hi Flutterby fans.  
Today I bring you a bright colourful page featuring me.
Firstly I put down some moulding paste with the You've Got This stencil.  This has been heat dried so that it would have a puffy look.   Love the empowering words that are a part of this stencil.  I then pulled out the Bombay Ink and added lots of water.  The ink is such a bright vivid colour.

My photo stack has been made up with Everday Etc cards from the Blank Palette range.  This is perfect for bright backgrounds because it doesn't matter what colours you choose, the black and white of this set goes with anything.

I outlined the word incredible with a water colour pencil to make it stand out from all the other words on my background.   There's been a couple of Enamel Dots and the censored sticky quote placed over the sentence enhancer to add another little embellishment to the page. 

A few little self motivating quotes from the White Tiny Sticky Quotes finish off my layout.

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