14 July 2013

I have a new addiction

I've started something I said I never would and it's quickly turned into a new
I am a Project Life junkie!!

I can't believe it.  I said I would never go there.  I said it was the most boring
think I could image doing.  I said it had no creativity.  I said it had no individuality.
I started.
Now I'm hooked.

Project Life the way it was meant, would boor me to tears. 
 Plus all the two pages
per week and the numbering of each week does my head in.
The thing I don't get the most is the numbering of the week we are in, as in week 1,
week 2,  week 3.
Can you imagine in 50 years time kids saying to each other "remember
what we did in week 26"
It makes no sense to me.

For me, it takes away the reason I scrapbook which is solely for
a creative outlet.

I don't use PL kits.  All I have is the albums and the page protectors.  I make
my pages as I feel like it and make my cards from my stash.
Of course this new ventre has given me a new excuse to increase that said stash :)
I've been doing if for about 8 weeks and started my pages from March....that's how
far I could stretch my memory bank. 

 I've seen so many ways that people are tackling PL but decided the best way for
myself is to just do chronological order.


So I'm just going with the flow and even though it's fairly new to me still, there
is definite differences in the first pages I did compared to the last.

I have only a couple of pics to share so far...middle of winter and no good light.
This is a progress shot of my first pages.

Looking back I already want to tear it apart and do it 
differently but I'm making myself leave it as is.

The finished pages definitely look very different.  

 Before I started my Project Life, I joined in a swap on the Facebook page.
This one is a 3x4 folded card.
 Oops, forgot to take a pic of the finished
project and didn't have enough paper left to make one for me ♥
Was really happy with the end result 

This is last months swap, 3x4 pocket card.
I'm a little bit in love with these ones.
Must remember to make one for myself next time.

Enjoy your Sunday ♥
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