07 May 2010

Loving digi stamps

Love the instant gratification with buying a digi stamp. I've got some really gorgeous ones to try and ink up this weekend. Here's the first couple.

This one is Catgirl from Tiddly Inks, she's one of the Gothic images. I love all the Gothic ones and had to get them all :)

This next card I've done for this weeks challenge at Oh,Alice! I've just made it in time but I had today off so this card was part of my plans. It's a Mo's digi and the challenge at Oh,Alice! this week was to make something for a child. I had trouble getting the colours right in my pic and didn't want to muck about too much cause the Stickles was still wet, so I've put a close up here that came out better.

My Copic E00 ran out today. Was majorly pee'd, it's my main skin colour. I've only used it to colour about 14 images and it's already dry as. Lid has been securely on and stored the same as all the other colors. Am hoping with them being $10.50 a pen that they would last longer than that. Am also having trouble with my E53. When I used it on images I've printed from the printer, my image gets a red tinge, like the black ink is bleeding. It doesn't happen with any of the other colours, just this one. Weird!!!!


Cassandra said...

Hey Ros, Gorgeous card. Love the digi stamp. Just wondering do you heat set your ink when you print your digital stamps? Cos it depends on the ink in your printer as to weather or not it will run and affect your copics. I heat set all my digi images as I dont want to risk ruining the nib on my copics and no problems yet.
I can't believe your E00 is dry already! I have sketch markers and I've used it on god knows how many cards. Mmmm intersting. ANyway great work *hugz*

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Do you just wanna squeeze that baby! LOL

Gorgeous work on both cards. :) I have to say I would vote for Mo's for cuteness though. :)

Erin said...

Great kid card. Thanks for joining us at Oh, Alice. Come back again next week, we love having you.