03 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

This is my new year project for the Daisy & Dandelion blog. Click on the link and have a look at the gorgeous stuff the rest of the DT have done this month. It's a bit late being posted but I've been without a computer on and off for a couple of weeks.

My poor PC died :(

We went shopping last week to get a new hard drive and came home with this baby - a 23"HP Touchsmart - its gorgeous but I'm having trouble getting my eyes to adjust to the size of the pages. My husbands eyes were ogling it as soon as we walked into the store.

We also updated my Photoshop version, according to the salesman, a case of loading the new one on and it will automatically pick up all my photos from the last one. WRONG!!!! After a few hours of panic that I'd lost all my photos that naturally I had failed to back up, my husband was able to find them on a file someplace hidden :) on my external drive.

I have heaps of craft to show. Mainly chrissy cards but I scanned them and the file is on my old PC so I quickly took some pics of the ones I hadn't sent off yet.

This is an advent calendar I made and gave to my mum. It's made with graphic 45 papers, a kaisercraft calendar and t!m holz crackle rock candy. I copied this :) from Cassie. The papers fit perfectly to the calendar.

Cassie - I can't seem to find anything on your blog - have you changed it? Can you leave me a link in the comments please so I can add it on here for everyone to see your gorgeous crafts.

This page is one of my hubbys and my wedding certificate. I was mucking around one day on the puter and made the background paper with lyrics.

A lot of the baggies and tags I made I had already gifted and forgotten to take photos. The little houses I made 5 of and love them, will def make more - i got the template from the Magnolia magazine.

I did most of my cards as gatefold cards this year, found it was quite simple and got through them pretty quick.

These pics were taken on chrissy eve and were quite rushed - the quality is not so good.


Tammy James said...

Good to see you back Roz, I have missed you! Wow you have been bust with no computer taking away your time : )

Bec said...

Happy New Year Ros.. and WOW.. these are all stunning.. you have been busy.. Bec xx

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Oh wow Ros I'm overwhelmed with how stunningly gorgeous your creations are & your 'puter....I wants one!!

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Me is thinking someone is having fun with their new computer! Looks fab, as do all the lovely things you have made.

Allison said...

wonderful projects Ros

Anonymous said...

Hi Ros, Good to see your back. Looks like you have been very busy. Nice puter. I don't think anything to do with my blog has changed. It's www.cassiesscraps.blogspot.com your advent calender looks great. Talk to you soon at Chandon no doubt lol.

Melissa said...

OMGosh, look at all that eye candy girlie, and the computer is just totally AWESOME!!!! Hope you have a handle on the way it works now mate.
The Advent calender is spectacular to say the least.Love the graphic 45 paper you used. I really need to get a couple of the Kaiser ones now and do them for next Chrissy.You have been one busy busy chickie.Nice to have you back in Blog world too.Missed ya

Anonymous said...

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