02 February 2009

I survived my first day.

My baby was off to high school today. I'm still on holidays and the house was so quiet. I felt lost. He really is my best buddy and of course I cried. wa wa wa. Anyways some of the worry I've had is knowing how he's going to be getting home from school when I go back to work next week. All sorted now and feeling so much better. Still suffering mum guilt for sending him to a school that none of his mates have gone to but the mood he came home in whittled a little of this down. He jumped in the car and yelled ' the bullshit mood I was in this morning was a waste of time, it's so cool mum'.
So if u look close enough in the pics u will see the top right one is me trying to get a photo of him this morning, in his grump, not wanting to go to school. The other 2 he's home from his day and he's smiling, which makes mum smile too :)
No craft to show, I've made a couple of cards, will put up later and a couple of pages I did for Chandon, will share once they're on the Chandon blog.


Melissa said...

Hi Ros, that is great that DS had a great day in the end.It must have been terribly nerve racking sending him off to high school.I am not looking forward to that myself, and I only have another couple of years....OMG.That will zoom by, just like all the other years.Nice to see a smile at the end of the day too

peachy said...

glad to hear he was fine, and that you arent stressing as much

Jennifer said...

and a good day was had by all...good to see him smiling.